COMMUNICATION: You will speak with your attorney about your case, not a secretary or paralegal. Seems obvious, right? In the legal world, that is not always the case. At Roberts Means, there will be no filter between you and your attorney. When you have a question, you deserve an answer from the individual you are trusting with your legal matter.

FEES: You will know what services you are paying for and why. You should not be surprised when you receive a bill. Your invoice will set forth the action completed (telephone conference, legal research), who was involved or what was done (who did we email, what legal topic was researched), and why (to discuss discovery requests, to prepare for a hearing). If you had your car repaired and the invoice said “Worked on Car,” it’s safe to assume you would want some details. We provide those details and will readily discuss any questions you have concerning your fees.

SKILLS: Communicating and fair billing would not mean much if we did not know what we were doing. Combined we have over 20 years of experience litigating a wide variety of disputes and can develop effective strategies to assist you in pursuit of the most favorable outcome to your family or business matter.

Please feel free to contact Roberts Means, LLC, to discuss your case.

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