Business “litigation” is catch-all term lawyers often use to describe disputes that arise between a business and its customers, vendors, competitors, employees, or even between its shareholders and owners.  Importantly, litigation does not have to mean that a lawsuit has been filed in court or even that a lawsuit or legal proceedings are imminent.  Often, a business owner’s preferred resolution takes place outside the confines of the courtroom and the public eye of litigation.

Practice Areas and Experience

The attorneys of ROBERTS MEANS, LLC have more than 20 years of combined experience representing individual business owners and businesses in disputes regarding business contracts, noncompetition (or, “non-compete”) agreements, unfair business practices, fraud, and employment discrimination matters.  Our attorneys have represented small to mid-sized companies in disputes amongst shareholders, partners or business owners.  Our attorneys have handled complex commercial leasing transactions, including drafting and negotiation of lease agreements and related real estate contracts.

Take a Proactive Approach to Finding Creative Solutions

We find that many business owners struggle to identify the appropriate time to contact an attorney, fearing fast-accumulating legal bills, cumbersome and disruptive discovery or a public trial, all of which can easily get in the way of the owner’s primary objective – i.e., to operate the business.  While our attorneys have ample courtroom experience and are prepared to represent our clients at a bench or jury trial, we also encourage our clients to pursue alternative and creative means of proactively resolving a dispute.  Many of those methods can be effectively employed before the first legal paper is filed in court, and can include pre-suit negotiation, private mediation or formal arbitration proceedings.  Not only do such strategies allow our business owner clients to better manage the publicity and control the outcome of a dispute, but oftentimes commercial contracts require such alternative means of dispute resolution.  Our attorneys frequently work with our clients to resolve disputes pre-lawsuit.  We have also represented our clients at private mediations, judicial settlement conferences, and at full-scale arbitration proceedings.

Efficiency and Referrals

Our philosophy as a law firm is to accept only cases and matters that fall within our attorneys’ experience and tailored practices.  That principle ensures efficiency, which our business clients demand and we expect of ourselves.  Our attorneys’ diverse professional backgrounds, community involvement, and professional affiliations have allowed us to forge relationships with lawyers at the top of their respective practice areas.  We do not hesitate to refer our clients to trusted counterparts should a client’s particular need falls outside of our attorneys’ defined skill set or breadth of experience.  We are confident in our abilities, but are never too prideful to direct a client elsewhere in the event that practice efficiencies dictate.

In turn, we welcome referrals from and co-counsel opportunities with our fellow legal professionals in the event a conflict of interest, when lead or local counsel is needed, or in any other situation where we may assist with a single engagement on a particular client matter.