A tort is a civil wrong against another, but the parties need not be individuals.  Although it is often assumed, for good reason, that business disputes arise from a written contract, the protections of tort law extend to businesses in the absence of a written contract.  Commercial torts deal with improper conduct in a business setting, which causes economic harm to the wronged party.  Common commercial tort claims include fraud, wrongful interference with a contract or business relationship, breach of fiduciary duty by an employee, director, partner, or shareholder, and trade secret infringement.

Our attorneys offer effective representation to individuals, business owners, and businesses in commercial tort matters.  These cases often turn on subtle facts, so thorough investigation and targeted discovery are critical.  But business torts are oftentimes sensitive matters, and reaching a prompt and amenable solution is frequently the best solution.  We work with our clients to devise a strategy to effectively navigate, negotiate and litigate commercial tort matters, while minimizing disruption to our clients’ ongoing business affairs or professional practices.