In “START IT UP”, The Indiana Lawyer, July 31, 2013 ed., author Dave Stafford features three unique Carmel-area startup law firms, including RM.  The piece effectively articulates opportunities that the current client market presents for boutique firms, and describes how small firms are able to control costs much more effectively than firms of larger size with burgeoning overhead.  “The corporate community is rebelling against the billable hour” quotes Stafford in the article.  Indeed, RM believes that a lower overhead structure allows for greater flexibility and more efficient legal representation, as value is truly passed along to the client.  That is not to say, however, that a prospective law firm client should select a smaller firm based on cost alone — the attorneys still must have the required skill and experience to handle the matter at hand.  Stafford uses RM’s origins as an example, first describing Bill and Jeff’s many years of combined experience prior to partnering to form RM, then quoting Jeff: “[Starting a boutique firm] is tempting for anyone who has a business mind, but I think it would have been irresponsible to do this before we honed our skills.”

RM was honored to be featured in the pages of The Indiana Lawyer, and we found Stafford’s article to be quite fitting.  True to the tenor of “START IT UP”, RM uses an entrepreneurial spirit, flexible cost structure, and the practical experience of its attorneys, to efficiently and cost-effectively represent clients, from individuals to corporations, in cases of widely varying complexities.

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